Yorkshire Firewood is a family run business based in Northallerton, North Yorkshire. We are fully committed to only supplying superior kiln dried wood to our customers, both locally and nationally across the UK.

We are the sister company of Yorkshire Fireplaces and all of our team are wood burning stove owners and enthusiasts.

If you have a wood burning stove or other wood burning appliance then we can help you really get the most out of it and save you money in the long run.

If you have not yet tried kiln dried wood, you will be amazed at how much hotter and cleaner it burns compared to seasoned wood.


Most of the UK’s leading and cutting edge stove manufactures such as our friends at Chesneys, Chilli Penguin and Woodwarm all recommend using logs with a moisture content of less than 20%, so who are we to disagree with the experts!

Seasoned or semi-seasoned firewood on face-value is cheaper than kiln dried logs; however the power output (calorific value) of seasoned firewood is far lower than that produced by kiln dried logs.

Findings from The Solid Fuel Association state that the heat output of kiln dried wood is significantly greater than seasoned wood.

In addition to the lower calorific value produced by seasoned logs, other issues can occur using seasoned or semi-seasoned logs such as excessive smoking, the build up of creosote and tar in the chimney and liners that can potentially result in chimney fires, not to mention the blackening of glass stove windows.

We put our customers at the very heart of everything we do and our mission is to supply customers with only the very highest quality kiln dried wood to ensure they get the maximum enjoyment, most efficient and most cost effective performance from their wood burning or multi-fuel stove.

“Thanks to Yorkshire Firewood, we had a lovely Bank Holiday with family and friends! They delivered the wood promptly, were friendly and informative and even helped us light the fire! Plus the wood is of really good quality and burns really well!!”.

E. Hart – September 2016