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Due to retirement Yorkshire Firewood has now closed its woodshed doors. We would like to take this opportunity in thanking all our
customers for your support during the years of service that we have
provided and for the over whelming amount of kind messages and emails that we have received.

Our sister company Yorkshire Fireplaces remains unaffected by these changes and continues to supply all your stove and fireplace installations, including fireside accessories, firelighters, kindling, stove pipe thermometers and moisture meters from the showroom at: 235 High Street, Northallerton, DL7 8LU or contact us at Yorkshire Fireplaces.

Our top kiln dried wood tips for you moving forward.

Following the publication of the Governments 2020 Clean Air Strategy, it is now more important than ever to make sure that you are burning wood with the correct moisture content. The government recognise that households have installed wood burning stoves and are NOT seeking to prevent their use or installation, however they do want consumers to switch to cleaner burning from dry wood and approved smokeless fuels.

When purchasing kiln dried wood, you are paying for a premium product, this should be quality hard wood and with a maximum average moisture content of 20% or below as recommended by all leading stove manufactures. If you suspect your kiln dried wood is NOT as dry as it should be when it is delivered, use a moisture meter to test the average moisture content both internally and externally of the log, please do not accept poor quality firewood as you have paid for it to be specifically kiln dried.

Findings from The Solid Fuel Association state that the heat output of kiln dried wood is significantly greater than seasoned wood. In addition to the lower heat produced by seasoned logs, other issues can occur using seasoned or semi-seasoned logs such as releasing potentially harmful particles into the environment, excessive smoking, the build- up of creosote and tar in the chimney and liners that can potentially result in chimney fires, not to mention the blackening of stove glass windows.

As the moisture content in kiln dried wood is significantly lower, therefore kiln dried wood burns hotter, cleaner and more efficiently. It is also important that your kiln dried wood has been in the kiln for the required length of time, stays dry in transit and is stored in a dry location once delivered.

Warmest Wishes

The Yorkshire Firewood Team.